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We beam you from 2 Dimensions into 9 Dimensions

2D-9D is the perfect Symmetry, Design, Fitting missing Piece, usable for 9 Dimensions.
The Square fulfilling every Decoration Idea that comes to your mind.

Use 2D-9D as a Wall Hanging __Curtain__Room Divider__Table Cloth__Sofa Cover__Picnic Blanket__Beach Blanket__Travel Blanket__Sun Shade

One Square for multiple Purposes____2D-9D

Different sizes:

142cm x 200cm 212.00CHF_______ 70CM x 110CM 144.00CHF_______ 40cm x 50cm 72.00CHF

Made in Europe, 100% Organic Cotton Sateen or Jersey, with Ribbons at one side.

Hang, place or lay 2D-9D wherever you like. 2D-9D is ready to use.

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