Select 3 - 5 pictures

from the internet, your own fotos, or magazines


as inspiration for your pattern

we create, by using elements of the pics, your own unique pattern


like in the example above.

you can send in all shapes, boxes circles hearts, they just have to be sharp


Now e-mail the pics to :



we create YOUR   custom pattern design


ANd  fabric   and   wallpaper    AND


sunshade    and


everything you desire and can imagine


all that stuff dreams are made of.

You 'll receive within 48 hours :


a pattern sketch and

a colour selection and

a style guide.


Then you can order

Your final unique pattern design

which we create according to

your comments and desires on the first sketch.


The pattern sketch, colour selection and

style guide are free for you and garanteed.



For any question feel free to use the same mail-adress!





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